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The Wellbeing & Mindset Coach for Professionals

Helping Stressed Out Professionals To  Develop Mind Mastery, So They Can Relax, Reconnect With Their Greatness and Maximise Life Satisfaction

Does this sound like you?

You've worked so hard to get where you're at, but now you're feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, you feel disconnected from loved ones, and life feels somewhat hollow.

You're stuck in a bind, feeling stagnant and under fulfilled, and you know something needs to change but don't know where to start. You have regrets about the past, and fears about the future. 

You're unsure about who you truly are, feeling like you've lost yourself along the way in all of that busyness, and struggle to really be present in the moment.

You now have a desire to live life on your terms, instead of on others. You're ready to figure out your real ‘passion’, and uncover your true “WHY”, or your ‘purpose’ in life.


This time you are going to make it happen!

Except you said that last year.

And the year before that.

You have tried everything from therapy, meditation, self-help books, to yoga.

Why am I still stuck?, you ask.

You feel trapped and bounded with in your own mental prision.

The good news is that I have helped numerous people from free lancers, managers, buisness founders to Doctors break out of their prisons and unlock their fullest potential.

And I can do the same for you; I can help you find the key to your own prison.

Neil Dolan Coaching Wellness & Results Coach
Neil Dolan Coaching Wellness & Results Coach

Wellbeing coaching is an evidenced based practise designed to reduce stress, anxiety and any overwhelm which is keeping you from access your fullest potential. It helps you to relax, develop cognitive flexibility and achieve your goals more effectively.


Effective wellbeing coaching is about helping you to:

  • Self-regulate your nervous syystem

  • Recognise, questions and revise persistent patterns of negative thoughts

  • Update your belief system and behavioural patterns

  • Manage stress more effectively

  • Develop a more positive mindset

Of course, everyone is different with individual needs and together we will co-collaborated and design you a highly tailored programme.

My signature wellbeing coaching uses a range of tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherpay and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Mindset coaching helps you to identify the blocks and behaviours that stop you from being the ultimate version of yourself. It helps you to overcme these mental blocks and achieve your goals more effectively.


Effective mindset coaching is about helping you to:

  • Develop introspection and unearth any negative mindsets that keep you stuck

  • Gain greater clarity and understanding

  • Generate your own solutions to problems

  • Remove obsticles to you objections

  • Transition inisght into action

Of course, everyone is different with individual needs and together we will co-collaborated and design you a highly bespoke programme.

My signature coaching uses a range of tools from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Executive Coaching and Breakthrough Coaching.

Neil Dolan Coaching Wellness & Results Coach
Neil Dolan Coaching neildolan_edited.jpg

When you sign up to coaching with me, you are making an investment of a life time.

You get so much more than just coaching sessions:

All programmes include:

  • PERSONALISATION: A highly bespoke programme tailored to you and your goals.

  • RAPID INSIGHTS: Discover character weaknesses with psychometric testing

  • TRANSFORMATION: Dissolve limiting beliefs that have held you back for years

  • ACTION: Growth action sets after sessions to help support your momentum frowards

  • FLEXIBILITY: Sessions via phone or online that fit with your busy lifestyle

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: 10-minute phone check-ins to keep you on track and motivated.


You make promise after promise to yourself, only to find them broken again and again.

You procrstinate and you resent yourself for it. And, this is where I can really help you.

Research have consistently shown that accountability appointments with someone you comit to provides up to a 95% chance of achieving your goal.

No more, because now is the time for change. You know you are capable of so much more.


Lives Changed

Kay R., Choreographer (Sheffield, UK)

I've been able to experience more happiness and fulfilment in my personal life with my wife and kids.

Neil is a highly trained, experienced Meditation & Mind-Set Therapy Coach.

I met him during a time when I was experiencing panic-like anxiety and extreme burnout. Grad school, my career, my kids, everything was kicking me in the butt. I felt helpless, and alone in my struggles.


Neil walked me through my first hypnosis session. He taught me the importance of a calm mind in high-stress situations as a basis from which to take action.


Neil's Self-Awareness and Mindfulness exercises during our sessions have helped me to make better decisions as a parent and ultimately helped me manage my burnout.


My brother is so impressed with how clear my thinking has gotten and I have gotten so much healthier in my body and mind.


Neil is very flexible and easy-going, I highly recommend Neil to anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, or burnout related to work-life balance!

Emmanuel C., Designer (Massachusetts, US)

"Neil has helped me to completely change my way of thinking

and how I view myself as a person".

I was being consumed by negative thoughts and feelings about myself. I felt worthless and was slowly cutting myself off from those I care about.  

I instantly felt at ease with Neil and quickly built a trusting relationship. I now feel fully equipped with the tools that Neil has given me to handle any further challenges that life may (no doubt will!) throw my way.

I will forever be grateful for the time he has given me.

Thanks again Neil.

Amiee S., Freelancer (Rotherham, UK)

"I now feel like the old me if not better!

I think it's been so long since I felt truly happy,

I had forgotten how it felt."

I was feeling so low and everything was making me stressed, tearful and anxious. I wasn't gaining any joy out of life and just waiting for the next "disaster" to come along. 

Through talking, breathing techniques, hypnosis, coaching and great explanations of how the mind works Neil gave me the tools to get me back on track. Every session was different, but all had their reasons which were well explained.

I have restarted old hobbies, enjoy seeing friends, feel so much more relaxed and know not to stress about things I can't control but know how to deal with them.
Thank you so much Neil.

Sharon M., Manager (Sheffield, UK)

"This guy is a genius and has a wealth of knowledge".

Through my sessions with Neil, I rediscovered and reconnected with my core values, and I have gained numerous tools and skills to deal with stress and mental health.

I have also now found my authentic self again.

I will certainly recommend Neil to anyone struggling with any stress, mental health and a lack of identity.

Stephen W., Care Manager (Wales, UK)

"With Neil’s help, I have now changed my life back

into a more positive and fulfilling one."

I was stressed, exhausted, any self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth I had disappeared.

I was at ease as soon as I met Neil. His empathy and reassuring approach were a big part of my progress, and he has equipped me with the resources to help me continue with moving forwards. I'm feeling much more relaxed and enjoying my work and relationships again.

I can thoroughly recommend Neil and can't thank him enough for helping me.

Dr Jenny K., Senior Lecturer (Huddersfield, UK)

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