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I help successful people to destress, reconnect with their greatness and achieve extraodrdinary goals. 

Heres the 'Professional ' Bio...

Neil Dolan runs an Award Winning private therapy and coaching business serving clients both locally and worldwide.

A Psychologist, Coach, Therapist, Researcher, Educator, Entrepreneur, and a Published Author all rolled into one. Neil is a published author with works in some of the world's leading academic journals, including articles on stress, anxiety, and depression in the British Journal of Clinical Psychology, and articles on addiction in the British Medical Journal.

He attributes his success to 3 of his main gifts, Hyper-Achiever, Child-like Curiosity, and being a Deep Thinker. And over the last decade, he has worked with an extremely broad and diverse client group ranging from homeless people to board directors, to company founders.

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Neil’s big picture is to mobilise as much money as possible so that he can channel a majority back into local non-profit social enterprises, which are community based in his local area. One of which, he is the Managing Director on a voluntary basis for his partners (Charlotte) social enterprise that works with socially disadvantaged groups.

He lives in central England, just outside the Peak District National Park.

Why Choose Neil? Highly Qualifyied & Highly Experienced

  • MSc Psycholgical Research Methods (Clin.Psych).

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology

  • Dilpoma in Executive Coaching

  • Dilpoma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Mindfullness Meditation Teacher (current ongoing)

  • Dilpoma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Cert - Advanced precision Hypnosis

  • Level 3 Dilpoma In Social Sciences

  • Level 3 Substance Misuse (QCF)

  • Level 2 Counselling Skills

Heres the 'Real ' Bio...

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My name is Neil Dolan. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression. I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome. I’ve battled addictions. I’ve been financially broke. I’ve been homeless and lived on the streets. I’ve lost loved ones. I’ve felt very lonely. 

I’ve also coached clients who’ve struggled with stress, anxiety and depression, had addictions, been abused, been lost with who they truly are, shelved their passion and purpose to chase the corporate dream, been in financial ruin after business collapses.

But I’ve also been a leader, coach, mentor and an specialist advisor to world class psychological journals for almost a decade. I’ve faced many, many challenges (in life and business) and I’ve coached many people through life changing experiences. And I’ve been privy to the secret challenges of successful people. (Hint: they face the same challenges as the rest of us, even homeless people!).

Oh, and don’t tell anyone, but I’m an introvert at heart and I prefer small spaces and intimate discussion, rather than the limelight and big events.


As an avid learner and now lifelong student of human behaviour, I have extensively researched this question: What specifically causes the mental blocks and barriers that stop us from tapping into our innate greatness, and achieving our fullest potential?

You see, the field of psychological research into the human mind is vast and extensive. But what I discovered through the research, coaching people from all walks of life and profoundly deep inner enquiry into my own mind, is that the only things that ever holds us back are the boundaries we impose upon our sense of self (our identity) and how this shapes our perceptions and perspectives

So, making these tiny shifts in perspectives have the biggest impact for successful people who are already achieving but desires new goals.

Coaching is powerful and impactful. And, I help my clients make these tiny shifts that dissolve blocks and barriers.

As a successful person myself, I know there are always blocks and barriers we have to work through to take ourselves to the next level

You see it is your greatest gifts that can also hold you back at times!
Here’s what I uncovered about the dark side of my gifts through deep self-inner enquiry:

My 'Hyper-Achiever' drive can at times trigger off the ‘Stickler’ part in me, in the form of perfectionism and attention to detail as I struggled for years thinking ‘I’m not good enough.’ My Stickler offers a way of quieting my inner critic voice of self-judgment and fear of others’ judgments through trying to be perfect and being overly focused on detail.

My Child-Like Curiosity can at times trigger of the ‘Restless’ part in me, in the form of staying busy, juggling many different tasks and plans, as I struggled for years with underachieving and self-doubt. My Restlessness and drive for excitement allows me to bounce (escape) from unpleasant feelings very quickly. 

My Deep Thinking can at times trigger of the ‘Hyper -Rational’ part in me, in the form of losing track of time due to intense concentration, as for years I struggled with thinking, ‘I’m irrational and stupid.’ My Hyper-Rational allows me to escape into the neat and orderly rational mind generating a sense of security and intellectual superiority.

What are the dark sides of you gifts?

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